Hilary Duff Saves Totally Gross Keepsake of Her Pregnancy (VIDEO)

hilary duffHilary Duff's pregnancy was so much fun to follow because she's incredibly sweet, down-to-earth, and she is such a "normal" gal, despite her celeb status. And I loved her even more after she welcomed her son, Luca, a few weeks ago and tweeted about how much her life had changed while she was up feeding him in the middle of the night. (Finally a famous mom admits to being exhausted.)

Hilary was one celeb mom I could really relate to -- but then she had to go ahead and admit that she saved her son's umbilical cord stump in a Ziploc bag, and has it hidden in her makeup drawer. (Um -- excuse me?) Please tell me I'm not the only person who finds treating a rotting body part as a keepsake just a little bit strange.


I can totally understand why Hilary wants to hang onto every precious memory of pregnancy and childbirth. The excitement of your first pregnancy and delivering your first baby is not something you can ever get back.

Ok -- confession time. I actually saved my positive pregnancy test in a bag and put it in the cabinet under my bathroom sink. I know it's pretty foul to hang onto something that's been peed on, but I had a good reason. I was living in Denver at the time, and I wanted my mother to be able to see the test when she came for a visit from Florida. But after she left, I threw it out immediately -- mainly because it started turning a weird shade of yellowish-brown. (So gross.)

If Hilary really wants to commemorate her birth experience for years to come, there are other things she can hang onto that are a lot less weird. I still have the little hat that my son wore at the hospital, and I pull it out when I want to remember how tiny he was as a newborn. And as for remembering my pregnancy with him, I have a framed 3-D ultrasound photo sitting on my dresser so I'll never forget the time when he was in my belly. Memories like hats and photographs sure go a whole lot further than decomposing flesh.

You can hear more about Hil's little keepsake in the video clip below.

What mementos are you planning on saving to remember your baby's birth?


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