'Toddlers & Tiaras' Mom Models G-String for Her 2-Year-Old

Toddlers & TiarasYou know how most moms spend a lot of time worrying about the detrimental effects of our little girls growing up too quickly? Well Tricia, an Oklahoma mom of four, has no problem with the idea; in fact, she's already prepping her 2-year-old daughter, SamiJo, in the fine art of how to work a G-string. And yes, of course, she's one of the moms on Toddlers & Tiaras.

In the episode that aired last night, Tricia was shown shaking her moneymaker in a G-string bikini with a leopard print top just inches from SamiJo's face. Now, I don't necessarily have a problem with toddler girls seeing their mothers in thongs, and if we're being honest, my daughter sees me in one regularly when I change in front of her because I'm a devout hater of pantylines. But it's the way in which Tricia modeled it for her daughter, and more importantly, the reason WHY she did that's so disturbing.


Her defense: "My style of parenting is extremely different. I think exposing your child to whatever you can is just a really great way to be culturally diverse." EXTREMELY different yes, and extremely awful. If culturally diverse means knowing how to act like a stripper, well, then I'll be happy with my children leading a slightly more sheltered life.

But, she argues, little SamiJo is "obsessed with bras" and "loves Victoria's Secret." Which is supposed to make things ... better?

Oh, but SamiJo is different, don't you know. "I still say she's 17, she's far from two," Tricia said. Though she seems a little confused about her age as she said later, "She know, and has full comprehension of how the business works. She has a vast understanding that some 7-year-olds, 6-year-olds don't have."

Let me clear things up for you, Tricia -- she's 2. TWO! No matter how smart or advanced you think she is, she's a toddler, and it's ridiculous to try and justify what you're doing. You say it's for her betterment, but we all know what's it's really about -- pimping out your daughter for a little more fame gained first by putting her on the tragic show Toddlers & Tiaras in the first place, then resorting to desperate and damaging tactics like this while filming. For shame.
Do you think this mother is justified at all in her reasoning at all?
Image via TLC
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