Kelsey Grammer's Ridiculous New Tattoo Breaks an Important Parenting Rule

Kelsey GrammerIf you haven't heard already, Kelsey Grammer, 57, got his first tattoo this weekend. Not just any tattoo, but a cheap, girly one on his hip that makes him look like the pathetic loser that he is. And while it's hard to believe possible, new information makes his new ink even more outrageous because it makes him a big old hypocrite -- especially in the eyes his children.

According to Radar Online, Mason, 10, and Jude, 7 -- his children with ex, Camille Grammer -- are shocked by their dad's behavior. Not just because it makes him look ridiculous, but because he apparently has told them for years they weren't allowed to get tattoos because tattoos are "low class." He said that he would disown them if they ever got one -- even when they're adults. 



If there's one rule of parenting that rises above the others, it's lead by example; and Kelsey certainly is certainly breaking it with this move. Big time.

As parents, there will always be occasions where our kids see us doing things we've told them not to do. Hopefully, they'll be limited to little things like getting caught saying a naughty word we've told them is NEVER okay to say. But with something big like your philosophy about tattoos, that you've constantly railed against, I think it would be hard to just abruptly change course without losing some major credibility and respect.

It's one thing to tell kids they have to wait until their older to do something that you as an adult do, but a whole other one to preach the horrors of a particular activity in and of itself, and then go out and do it -- and do it so publicly. He could resort to the old do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do mantra, but we all know how effective that is.

Friends say the move is such a drastic change of course for the actor that they're concerned for his well-being. A source told the site:

Kelsey has always disliked tattoos and has thought getting one was low-class. Kelsey has implicitly told Mason and Jude he would disown them if they ever got tattoos, even as adults. However, this is much bigger than his children. Kelsey's friends are genuinely concerned about his well-being because this just isn't like him.

Let's hope there's nothing seriously wrong beyond his judgement, but it's not like the guy has steadfast morals and has never been known to change his mind before. It is the name of his FOURTH wife's name that he tattooed down there, so I think the only thing wrong with him is that he lacks an ability to commit -- whether it be to an ideal or to a woman.

Have you ever forbidden your kids from doing something then done it yourself?


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