Hilary Duff's Twitter 'Fans' Should Lighten Up About Her Baby Weight (VIDEO)

hilary duffIt hasn't even been a month since Hilary Duff gave birth to her adorable son, Luca, but there are already people giving her grief about losing her baby weight. (For reals!) Because apparently some people are so miserable that they have nothing better to do with their time than tear apart a new mom because she has a few pregnancy pounds to shed. God forbid a celeb should take longer than two weeks to get back into her pre-baby clothes.

People on Twitter have actually made rude comments about how Hilary "waddled into Pilates," after photos were taken of her heading to class in an effort to get back into a good exercise routine. Who else wants to join me and start a club to take on these pathetic haters? (I got your back, Hil!) Because I kind of wanted to scream after hearing that she's already getting pressure to be back in tip-top shape so soon after having a baby. It's unrealistic and flat-out ridiculous.


As an average, ordinary, everyday, non-celeb new mom, I still felt a certain degree of pressure to start trying to lose my baby weight immediately after I had my son. But my doctor told me that it wasn't a good idea to exercise until about six weeks postpartum, so I really didn't start working out until that point.

Hilary's only been a mother for about three weeks, so it's honestly a bit of a shock that she's feeling well enough to get back in the gym at all, let alone take on a Pilates class. And while she says that she was eager to start exercising because it makes her feel good, I can't help but think that living amid the glitz and glamour of Hollywood is making her feel the pressure to get back to her pre-baby size much more than regular moms do. I can't remember how many times I said, "I'm so glad I'm not famous," out loud after I had my son. While it definitely has its perks, sometimes being a celeb mom must really suck.

Hilary seems like she's got a good head on her shoulders, so hopefully she can take any mean comments she gets with a grain of salt and realize that the only reason people make fun of her is because they're just jealous. If anything, they probably can't believe how amazing she looks this soon after giving birth, so they're trying to pick apart her appearance any way they can. Plus, she's young, happy, sweet, and beautiful, which is a classic recipe for stirring up criticism. Again, I've certainly got Hilary's back on this one. Who else is with me?

Check out the video clip below to see Hilary's precious new baby boy, Luca.

How soon after giving birth are you planning on exercising again?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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