Drew Barrymore Is Pregnant: Here's Proof!

drew barrymore pregnantIt's time to play another round of pregnant celebrity watch! Just as Jessica grew and grew until we all were like, "Say it already, sister!" Drew Barrymore is the next celebrity that is getting the full-on "Is she or isn't she?" treatment. Personally, I hope it's true. Heck, I'm even hoping for twins.

I just love that Drew Barrymore. Ever since she won our hearts as Gertie in E.T., we've all watched the adorable member of Hollywood royalty grow up. Sure Drew has had some rough spots: addiction, divorce, that second Charlie's Angels movie. But she keeps smiling and being all quirky and cute through it all.

And that is exactly why we're all yammering about the fact that Drew Barrymore may be pregnant. No, Drew Barrymore is TOTALLY pregnant. Here's how we know:


1. Drew Barrymore is engaged to Will Kopelman.

Just in time, eh kids?

2. Drew Barrymore is walking around carrying a sonogram.

Okay this one is obvious. Unless it's a new Hollywood "thing" to carry a sono with you kind of like a small dog in your purse. Is it?

3. You know she's got a bump, right?

And celebrities don't gain weight, so it's gotta be a baby inside that tiny belly.

4. Because she was spotted shopping for baby furniture!!!!

It's time to get that nursery together, kids. Let's hope it's as hip as that baby's mama and that we get to see pictures.

5. Because she's adorable, and we want her to procreate.

That's good enough reason, right? Think of the cuteness! I can't wait to see that baby.

So are you now convinced that Drew is with child?

Image via David_Shankbone/Flickr

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