Demi Moore Can't Expect Her Daughters to 'Love Their Bodies' When She Hates Her Own

demi mooreI really wanted to believe 18-year-old Tallulah Willis when I heard her credit mom Demi Moore for her "positive body image." According to Willis:

"My mom was very much like 'Love your body, love yourself, run around naked' ... whatever we wanted to do, it was very accepting."

As the mother of a daughter, I really really wanted to believe it was possible -- that a mom like Moore with obvious body image issues (to put it mildly) could somehow manage to raise daughters who didn't starve themselves or do drugs to stay thin or turn into plastic surgery junkies.

But deep down, I know that's probably not the case. "Do as I say, not as I do." Has that ever worked on any kid in the history of history?


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No, of course it hasn't. Kids need role models. And while I'm sure Demi Moore did tell her daughters to love their bodies and was probably incredibly careful about not criticizing their appearances or doing anything to give them the same head baggage she's been carrying around her entire life, she's setting the opposite example.

I'm not blaming Moore; I feel bad for her, really. She doesn't want her daughters to hate their bodies. She just doesn't know how to show them any other way of existing. It's sad.

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But there's still hope. Demi Moore might still get well. She might still get rid of those self-destructive demons, and if she does? She'll be setting an amazing example for her daughters: Don't quit. It's never too late. You can beat anything if you fight hard enough.

Here's hoping.

Do you think it's possible for a mom with body image issues to raise daughters who love their bodies?


Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

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