Christina Applegate's Quick Fix for Post-Pregnancy Pounds Is Brilliant

christina applegateDon't you get so sick and tired of hearing about celebrities who are back in their size-2 skinny jeans a few weeks after giving birth? Because as much as we'd all like our baby weight to magically fall off or disappear overnight, that phenomenon really only happens to a select few. And having celeb moms rub it in our faces that they didn't have to put one ounce of effort into shedding pregnancy pounds is maddening, and completely unfair.

That's why it's so refreshing to hear famous moms like Christina Applegate admit that losing baby weight is a real b&%ch -- and it's something she still thinks about 14 months after giving birth. She even admits that she still wears her maternity jeans because they're so comfortable. (And they are -- they really are.)


I totally get where Christina is coming from. I was still wearing my maternity jeans for a good four to five months after I had my son -- and not just for the comfort factor. Nope -- I wore them because it took me that long to fit into any of my pre-baby clothes again. Maternity jeans are great for that transitional period when you can't quite wear your old stuff, but you don't look pregnant anymore either. Hanging on to your pregnancy duds for a few months post-partum can actually save you the cost of having to buy brand new, "in-between" clothes.

And even though my son is now 6 years old and my maternity-clothes-wearing days are gone for good -- I still bust out the jeans once in a while when I don't want to deal with lying down on the bed to get the zipper up on my regular jeans. In fact, I pulled them out of the closet this past Thanksgiving so I could stuff my face with turkey, mashed potatoes, and all the fixins without worrying about my pants cutting into my waist. (Genius, right?) Let me tell you -- the post Thanksgiving tryptophan coma took on a whole new meaning after I slapped those babies on. (It was awesome.)

What clothes have you found to be the most comfortable during your pregnancy?

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