Snooki’s Sexy, 6-Inch Heels Make My Pregnant Ankles Swell Up

snookiSnooki's pregnancy has definitely caused the reality star to dial things back a bit in some areas of her life (no more drinking; no more partying; no more peeing in places that aren't bathrooms) ... but as far as other areas go? Not so much. Like her clothes, for instance. Snooki's not going to let a little something like pregnancy get in the way of fashion.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi recently tweeted a pic (see photo to your left) of a pair of Lady Gaga-esque, six-inch heels she's been rocking. And while they're actually kind of cute, they're a terrible idea. No, not because "high heels are dangerous during pregnancy" (that's totally what you thought I was going to say!) -- because of a totally different reason.


High heels are ridiculously uncomfortable during pregnancy! Ugh, worst ever. And I speak from experience here.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was all, "Psh, I'm totally going to wear heels the entire time. I'm going to be, like, a cool pregnant lady; a super fashionable one. A Beyonce-esque one." And I was! For a little while. When I hit the sixth month or so, it was lights out for the heels. They were killing my feet -- and really killing my back. And while I was sad to see them go (pregnant and short is not a cute look), I quickly realized that, hey, pregnancy is only temporary!

Every now and again, even at eight and a half months, I get a little bummed out that I'm still in baggy shirts and leggings, and I'm still wearing flats, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel -- and that light isn't just a beautiful, baby girl; it's clothes, real clothes! Jeans, heels, tank tops in a size small!

So, if Snooki wants to wear six-inch heels right now, all her. But if she starts getting sick of them at around five, six, seven months, I suggest she just hang 'em up. She'll be back in them in no time.

Did you wear heels during pregnancy?


Image via Snooki/Twitter

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