Mason Disick Shows Boys Can Rock Pink, Too

mason disickLook who got all dressed up for Easter Sunday: Mason Disick, all in pink! Pale pink blazer, pink gingham shirt, and pink chinos. Yes, Kourtney put her boy in head-to-toe pink for Easter, and I think he looks adorbs. Pink for boys? Why not?

Honestly, I think it takes a very secure dad to send his son out into the world dressed in that color, so my Easter bonnet off to Scott and grandpa Bruce here, too. Kourtney says pink was Scott's idea! But there's a lot of guys out there who wouldn't feel comfortable letting their son wear pink. Maybe a few moms, too?


I think for every mom out there trying to get her daughter to wear a color other than pink, there must be a mom trying push the gender stereotypes of color for her little boy, too. Mason is the perfect age for going beyond the blue. He's definitely a little boy -- no mistaking him for a girl! But he's also too young to protest. And it's such a sweet, happy color.

Now I'm wishing I'd done this when my son was younger, too! It's just so fly -- know what I mean? It's too late now. These days my son is pretty much dressing like Steve Jobs (I'm serious -- black long-sleeved shirt and jeans, every single day) and he will have nothing to do with such femmy colors. But I'm hoping he'll turn around maybe when he's in his teens.

Because you know what else looks fly? Grown men in pink. Oh yes. Quite the little trend-setter there, little Mason!

Would you ever dress your son in pink?


Image via Splash News

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