Lovebirds Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Throw Frazzled Parents a Lifeline (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber Selena GomezHow's this for shockingly non-shocking? Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were caught acting like normal teenagers this week. The young lovebirds were spotted out picnicking at a park and hitting up plain old chain Panera for their dates. And on behalf of parents everywhere, I'd like to send them a big fat thank you!

Now if only all their fans could be made aware that this is normal dating procedure, I'd be even happier. The thing is, fair or not, the Biebs and Selena have become role models of sorts to our kids. And the way they've been dating has been fine for their uber-rich lifestyles, but for our teens to emulate, they've been a bit of a nightmare.


Renting out the Staples Center? Really, dude? Such over-the-top gestures before you're legally able to marry is kind of ... well, I'll say it, it's the kind of stuff controlling creeps do. I'm not calling the Biebs a creep; but when your daughter's boyfriend is getting that serious when they're still in high school, it can be a major red flag. But just try telling your daughter that. Yeah, good luck.

The thing is, when you throw in Bieber's comments about one day fathering Selena's babies, adopting a dog together, or even their trip to Hooters, well ... we're not exactly talking easy, breezy, lemon squeezy dates here. We're talking the kind of stuff you get into when you're older and ready for a commitment.

Teenagers need to learn how to date the same way they learn algebra or how to drive. They need someone to show them what's age-appropriate and what's not. Hopefully that will be their parents (cough, cough), but we need to give them good examples ... and there aren't a lot out there, at least not celebrity-wise!

The irony is that Bieber is now actually old enough for marriage, and they're dialing the hot and heavy back! Maybe it's a sign that they're growing up and being more realistic! Either way, it's a lifeline for parents who need an example to throw up to their kids that a date at the park really is good enough for now ... the sleepovers can wait until they're older.

Get a load of Selena and Justin on their latest date:

What kind of dates have you allowed your kids to go on? Have you had to put the kibosh on anything?

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