Snooki's Tweet-Inspired Preggers Tees Would Be Fricken Awesome

snooki baby dollOf course it's no surprise that a noted fashionista like Snooki is thinking of creating a line of baby clothing (please, please tell me there's gonna be little leopard print slipper/booties).

But here's what I want to know:

Why isn't the reality starlet/babymama-to-be already busy at work designing her very own collection of maternity t-shirts?

As any self-respecting "tweedo" knows, Snooki's been all about the inspirational pregnancy tweets since she and "husband" Jionni made their meatball-in-the-oven announcement.

Seriously, @snooki's twitter feed reads like "What to Expect When You're Expecting ... a Mini Guido or Guidette."

So, Snook: Why not put those tweets on some stretchy tees and sell 'em to your preggers fans out there?

Trust me, these Snooki Tweet Tees would go flying off the shelves:


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1. "Preggers Power"

2. "I'll cut a b*tch if you mess w my baby"

3. "I got swagger w my pregnant self"

4. "Just chillen w my little meatball"

5. "Fist pump for my baby bump"

6. "This kid is gonna be so fricken cute"

7. "They won't stop growing! #noneedboobjob"

8. "Can't fricken wait for my little cheeto!"

9.  "Stop callin' me fat, hooker, can't you see I'm knocked up?"

10. "My babydaddy can beat the sh*t outta yerz"

Inspired by real @snooki tweets!

Which of these Snooki pregnancy tweet tees would you wear?

Image via Splash

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