Tori Spelling's Unexpected Pregnancy Serves as an Important Reminder to Moms (VIDEO)

tori spellingCan you believe that Tori Spelling is pregnant again? Because I'm still kind of in shock. I mean, it's only been five months since she welcomed her baby girl, Hattie, and now she's already pregnant with her fourth child? If you asked most moms about "getting busy" after the arrival of a new baby, they'd probably assume you were talking about having to do multiple loads of laundry a day or some other household chore.

But Tori certainly wasn't wasting any time getting back down to business into the bedroom with Dean even though she'd just given birth! And while she may have been ready and willing to rekindle the romance with her hubby, she definitely didn't expect to get knocked up again in the process.


She was totally shocked when she went to the ER with a bad migraine, and came out with a positive pregnancy test result. Talk about an unexpected surprise!

Hospital policies required her to pee in a cup, and she even insisted that there was no way she could be pregnant again because she'd just had a baby. When the nurse came back and told her that she was indeed, expecting, she still didn't believe her -- until a blood test proved the results were true. Her head must have been absolutely spinning after hearing that news!

I think it's safe to say that a lot of women don't think that they can get pregnant right after having a baby. I actually had a friend who was breastfeeding her 2-month-old son and couldn't figure out why she was so much hungrier with him than she'd been while nursing her other kids. As it turns out, she was preggo again and was already a few weeks along. She was stunned, but thrilled, just like Tori.

Babies are such a blessing, but if you want to space them out a little bit, then it might be a good idea to get back on some form of birth control until you're truly ready to conceive. Some surprises may be a bit too much to handle when you already have a new baby in the house.

To hear more about Tori's fourth pregnancy, check out the video clip below.

How close together have your pregnancies been? If this is your first baby, how soon do you want to have another?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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