Hilary Duff Shows Off Her New Baby Boy the Right Way (PHOTO)

Hilary Duff sonHilary Duff has just learned an important lesson of motherhood. The new mom of baby Luca Cruz spent yesterday tweeting photos of her scrumptious son. Naturally, the world could not get enough of that ooey gooey ovary-flipping goodness. 

And therein lies the lesson, ladies and, well, ladies. Baby photos are exempt from the braggy mom trap. Because nothing, not nobody, not know how, can stop us from melting when we see an itty bitty baby foot.


Think about it for a second! Am I right, or what? You see that delicious little one, and you have no choice. The goofy smile spreads across your face, and you are a goner.

Hilary's kid got the attention because she's a celebrity, sure, but you don't have to be a Lizzie McGuire fan to be lured in by the promise of a cute baby. I've been the mom doing this to people. I'll admit it. It doesn't help that I actually make a portion of my living AS a photographer, which means my daughter has been one of the most photographed children on the planet. For awhile there, I was emailing out a photo a week (OK,  maybe a day?) to my close friends and family.

I stopped when I realized it might be a bit (a lot?) too much. And I apologized. A lot. Another lesson for you proud mamas!

Hilary had the grace to be humble about this too -- another important step around the braggy mom trap. In the midst of her tweeting, she admitted:

Oh no! The flood gates have opened! Proud mamma on the loose!i can't help myself..

Sigh. Yeah, sometimes you just can't help yourself. Good thing those cuties are hard to resist! But beware moms, this phase will end. No one wants a photo a day of your toddler potty training. Trust me.

What have you been doing with the oodles of pictures you're taking of your cutie?


Image via Splash News

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