Jimmy Kimmel Fans Go Alicia Silverstone on Their Kids at Mealtime -- Scary! (VIDEO)

kids getting alicia silverstoned by parents for jimmy kimmelWhen Alicia Silverstone posted that disturbing video of her "pre-mastecating" her tot's food, then regurgitating it into his mouth, she had to know she would soon be the butt of a late night TV joke, right? It's really no surprise that after seeing the clip, Jimmy Kimmel mocked her by challenging his viewers to serve their children pre-chewed food, then post video clips of the kiddos' reactions on YouTube, labeling them "Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Silverstoned My Kid!" (Cue collective "Ha ha ha ... Ewwwwww!")

As gross as it is, you know you wanna see how these kids reacted to their parents' bizarre, Alicia-like move, right?


Here's the round-up of various clips posted to YouTube in response to Kimmel's challenge:

My favorite reactions by far: "I caaan't breathe!" And oh yeah, definitely the look on the last little girl's face. "You're sick! Oh my Gooood!!!" Awww! On one hand, totally hilarious, but on the other -- these poor kids! They could have never seen it coming. Well, I guess that pre-teen totally could have! ("What is this, another Jimmy Kimmel thing??") I have to wonder if they could now be kinda scarred for life!

But consider this: These kids had to deal with their parents pulling a stunt once, but what must it be like to grow up Bear Blu?! First of all, he has to live with THAT NAME. And second, wow, can you imagine him randomly cruising through YouTube one day, ten, fifteen years from now? Stumbling upon his mom's video and all of these Kimmel videos? Eeeesh. I used to think Alicia had a clue, but given this aftermath of her latest stunt, I'm not sure her career as an actress or even as a vegan health nut is going to recover. Once your parenting skills are being mocked en masse, that is it -- your goose has been cooked!

What was your favorite reaction from Kimmel's "Silverstoned" kids?

Image via JimmyKimmelLive/YouTube

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