Selma Blair Is Boldest 'Breastfeeding in Public' Advocate Yet

selma blairOh those celebrities ... they are just like us. Some do their own grocery shopping. They get caught talking with their mouth full. And some even breastfeed their babies in public. And let's remember whatever a celebrity does is a heck of a lot more "public" because they are often followed by paparazzi. This is why I love Selma Blair even more now that she's an unofficial breastfeeding advocate than when I first found out who she was when she was locking lips with Sarah Michelle Gellar in the movie Cruel Intentions.

Yeah. She's kind of a breastfeeding hero now. And I love the bold way she talked about nursing her baby in public.


She gave an interview to People, and when talking about breastfeeding her 8-month-old son Arthur, she said:

The only time he cries is if he’s hungry. We all have nipples. I don’t care who I offend; my baby wants to eat. If I can’t get a cover over me quick enough, so be it.

"We all have nipples"! We all do! Women. Men. And let's remember men can even walk around with their nipples showing and it's no big deal. But women do it and people go nuts. Then add something that truly is discrete and not showy and simply a mama feeding her baby, and people still think it deserves an R rating. The sexualization of our breasts ... pathetic.

I'm not saying NOT to have fun with them sexually. In fact, please do have tons of fun with breasts sexually. But they serve another purpose too that has nothing at all to do with sex. And that other, vital, life-sustaining power breasts have should be celebrated and accepted.

In Selma's case, I really hope there aren't photographers following her around when she's with her baby just waiting for her to breastfeed. But you know someone probably is. People are stalking Beyonce too ever since we found out she's nursing Blue Ivy. As a mom, and being out with your child ... could you imagine that? It's hard enough to nurse in public for some moms because they feel everyone is looking and that makes them uncomfortable. Plus it isn't helping that most Americans think breastfeeding moms should hide out in bathrooms to feed baby. (That stress? Doesn't help with milk production either.) Which is why it's even more awesome that Selma is saying she doesn't care if she offends anyone while breastfeeding -- she's going to do it wherever and whenever her little Arthur is hungry.

Haters ... need to just deal with it.

I can only hope more moms feel the same way. Ignore the haters. Maybe if they do they will just go away.

What do you think of Selma's statements? Was or is breastfeeding in public an issue for you?


Image via LGEPR/Flickr

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