Tori Spelling Isn't Having Morning Sickness: Should She Be Worried? (VIDEO)

tori spellingHow shocked were you when Tori Spelling announced that she is pregnant with her fourth child? OMG. She just had her third baby, Hattie, like five months ago, so it's amazing that she was ready and rearing to go for another kid so quickly after giving birth. More power to her, I guess!

So far it sounds like she's really lucky with this pregnancy, because she says that she feels great and doesn't have any morning sickness. But some people think that morning sickness is actually a good thing, and that being disgustingly nauesated indicates a healthier pregnancy. So does that mean that Tori should be worried because she's not driving the porcelain bus every morning?


Based on my personal experience being preggo, I think that the idea of morning sickness indicating the health of a pregnancy is nothing but an old wives' tale.

Because I too had one of those dream pregnancies where I sat around wondering when the morning sickness was going to kick in -- and it never did. I didn't get sick at all during the entire nine months I was carrying my son. And not once at any of my doctor's visits did she seem worried about the fact that I wasn't queasy. She actually never said a word to me about lack of morning sickness being a bad thing -- it was my friends and co-workers who insisted I should be puking for the sake of the baby's health. (Nice, huh?)

Other than having a very long labor and delivery, my son's birth was pretty flawless as well, and he came out happy and healthy. I may not have thrown up once while expecting him, but I still got an outcome as close to perfect as babies get. Even though plenty of people insist otherwise, I really think there's just no way morning sickness and healthy pregnancies are remotely correlated.

You can hear more about Tori's pregnancy in the video clip below.

Are you experiencing morning sickness with your pregnancy?


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