Jessica Simpson's 'Excessive Weight Gain' Has Doctors Worried

It seems like every time I turn around, there is another article about Jessica Simpson and her "enormous" pregnancy weight gain. Yes, she is larger than many, but you know what? People need to lay off. Some women just gain more than others.

Hollywood Life is estimating that Simpson has gained 50 pounds, which is, according to their sources, "excessive and could complicate her pregnancy." While Simpson has admitted to eating cheesecake or breakfast and fried chicken for lunch, her weight gain isn't SO insane or outrageous.

I know this because I gained the same during both of my pregnancies. By baby's month 4, I had shed every pound and was back in my size 4s. Take that!


Not once did my midwife mention my "excessive" weight gain even though I went from about 125 pounds (at 5'6") to 175 pounds on the day of delivery.

Here's what I wasn't doing: Eating fried chicken, cheese steaks, ice cream, or bon-bons.

Here's what I was: Working out every day (running until the day before I delivered), taking long walks, and eating healthily, albeit steadily.

Some people, especially those who were underweight for their frame, just gain more weight. Before I got pregnant with my daughter, my doctor had done a body fat analysis and was concerned that mine was very low and that I would have trouble conceiving. I didn't. But I did gain a lot of weight. My body needed every last bit.

My pregnancies were healthy, my babies strong and delivered naturally, and my body bounced back within about four months through breastfeeding, running, and eating well. These people judging Jessica and anyone who gains weight during pregnancy need to clam it up.

It isn't helpful to speculate and if a doctor isn't treating her, he or she shouldn't be commenting on a pregnant woman's weight gain. We are all individual. I gained 50 pounds in two pregnancies and you would never know it to look at me or my babies. I have seen women gain less and have more trouble and women gain more and have none.

"Guidelines" are all fine and good until they become excuses to judge a person. More power to Jessica Simpson for enjoying her pregnancy, and when she looks great in six months, I will happily tell the tabloids, "I told you so."

Do you think 50 pounds is too much to gain?


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