Sorry, Angelina, Megan Fox Will Have the Most Beautiful Baby in Hollywood (VIDEO)

megan foxWell, it looks like Megan Fox may be the latest celebrity to be put on major baby bump watch, because there is a new rumor that she's pregnant with her first child. This is your classic celeb preggo rumor -- you know, a "friend" told Star Magazine that Megan and hubby Brian Austin Green are expecting and that they're really excited and all that warm fuzzy stuff.

But I have a good gut feeling that this one may actually be true, and I've got my fingers and toes crossed that it is. This photo of her was taken at a screening of her new movie, Friends With Kids (which is awesome, BTW). Doesn't she look kind of "bumpy" to you? She seems a bit fuller looking than she normally does.


Ohh -- I sure hope that's a baby bump under that coat! Megan has to be pregnant, because she will be such an amazing mom! I mean, she fully embraced being a stepmom to Brian's son, Kassius, when they got married, so she's had a bit of experience with the whole parenting thing. She'll be a total pro.

It would be so fitting for her to announce a pregnancy soon considering that her character in Friends With Kids wanted no parts of having children. And the same source who claims Megan is eating for two also says that the pregnancy was unexpected. It seems kind of ironic that she would find herself preggers after playing a role who was totally against it!

Megan loved stepping out of a box a bit with this film, as you will hear in the video clip below.

And one more reason I'm giddy about the possibility of her being pregnant -- can you even begin to imagine how gorgeous that baby will be? Megan and Brian make for one incredibly attractive gene pool, and their child will be nothing short of stunning. Those two need to procreate. It's a must.

Does Megan look pregnant to you?


Image via Splash

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