'Dancing With the Stars' Harder Than Giving Birth

dancing with the stars
This is harder than childbirth!
Some people say that giving birth is going to be the hardest thing a woman could ever do -- heck, that's why a woman's body is made to do it and not a man's. Do you really think they could handle it? Especially considering how they become helpless from a measly little man cold? And because of women saying how hard it is to give birth, many, many, many first time pregnant women get scared out of their minds about giving birth.

I sure was! Having survived it, I'm not going to say it was easy as pie. But Dancing With the Stars season 14 contestant Melissa Gilbert feels learning the Quickstep was harder than giving birth. And let's remember that Gilbert had a far from smooth pregnancy.


She went into premature labor with her second child 12 weeks before her due date -- and had to have an emergency c-section. Baby Michael Garrett was born weighing only 3 pounds, which wasn't too bad for a preemie that early. He endured a lot in the hospital before he was cleared to go home, but he's just fine.

So Gilbert thinks dancing is harder than going through that. This should be a message to all pregnant mamas that you can do it! No matter how the birth turns out. No matter how badly your birth plan is screwed up. You can do it! Just know that Dancing With the Stars is much, much, much more challenging.

And that apparently even having Maks as your partner still makes it hard. Hmm. I get that. How does one control themselves with that kind of man meat spinning you around, body against body, acting all passionate and oooh! for the judges? The most challenging thing a pregnant woman has to go through is deciding what to wear each day as it seems all your clothes look terrible on your growing belly bump. Or trying to stop yourself from eating that third cupcake. (I kid, I kid, of course. I hope you are reading this as a big ole funny.)

It must be much harder to squeeze a non-pregnant body into those incredulous DWTS costumes and wear high heels that seem float across the floor with the greatest of ease? (Oh maybe that's trapeze artists ... even still!)

Totally makes sense why DWTS is harder. I'm not sure I've ever seen a doctor/doula/midwife that looks like Maks. That man puts my mind in the gutter. And we all know how crazy those pregnancy dreams can be -- so imagination can run wild when our hormones are in full gear to make another person inside our body. Imagine the hormones raging to be flesh to flesh and actually dancing with a man that looks like him -- even with a non-pregnant mind!? It's hard, I tell you. ROCK HARD!

Melissa wrote on her blog on People:

I didn't want to use the extreme statement just yet but honestly, this is one of the most vexing, frustrating things I have ever asked my body to do. Childbirth is easier.

God bless my partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who, for some unknown reason, believes that I can actually do this and make it look fun and graceful. I want to – I really do.

Yes, indeed, God bless that perfect specimen of a man. And bless our bodies, ladies. Because the real message we should all take from this is that pregnancy and birth is natural. You can do it. Do not fear it.

What do you think of Melissa's comments on DWTS being harder than childbirth? If you already gave birth, what encouraging words can you say (like Gilbert inadvertently did) to women scared of giving birth?

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