Jessica Simpson Will Never Get Her Pre-Baby Body Back (VIDEO)

jessica simpsonJessica Simpson appears to be due any day now, and she definitely seems like she's over being pregnant. Not that I can say that I blame her. Those last few weeks are anything but comfortable, especially since she's added around 40 pounds to her usually petite frame. Carrying all that extra weight around sure takes its toll on the body -- believe me. As someone who gained even more than Jess, I totally feel her pain.

And like any heavily pregnant gal, Jess admits that she really wants to reclaim her pre-baby figure. But hopefully she won't put too much pressure on herself to look a certain way or be a certain size, because she's never going to get her body back.


Pregnancy should seriously come with some sort of disclaimer that reads: "Warning. Your body no longer belongs to you, and it never will again. Get used to it -- and get over it. It's just part of the deal -- but surrendering your shape is worth it."

After carrying around another human being for nine months, most women assume that they will eventually return to their pre-baby form a few months after giving birth. But what they don't realize is that once you have a baby, your body never truly belongs to you again. That child owns you -- and the fab bod you once had. Let's go over a few examples to help get Jess ready so she can set realistic expectations.

Boobs - If she's planning on breastfeeding, then she needs to be fully prepared to have a small human attached to her for several hours a day. Those famous boobs won't be hers anymore. And even if she doesn't breastfeed, her boobs still won't be exempt from taking a bit of a beating. They'll sag after pregnancy regardless of her method of feeding. Sad, but true.

Bladder Control - Thought you had to pee a lot while you were pregnant? Yeah, that doesn't go away after you have the baby. Jess better be prepared to wet her pants a little bit every time she sneezes or coughs. But she's a laid-back gal, so she'll probably just make a funny joke out of it and move on. (Love her attitude!)

Hair - Jess is going to be really thankful for that line of hair extensions that she created a few years back. Because her precious little girl will likely pull out a few clumps of her locks at one point or another. Oh yeah, and it's best for her to either get used to looking a bit greasier or stock up on dry shampoo. Shower time is a luxury as a new mom. (Then again, she is a celeb, so she may get more bathroom time.)

Body Shape - This one is the worst for sure. Jessica has such a great mindset and has enjoyed her pregnancy thoroughly and not worried about her weight, but she is still going to have to work hard to shed every last pound. I am 100 percent confident that she will lose all of her baby weight -- if she does, she may be shocked when some of her pre-baby clothes don't fit. Pregnancy changes your shape completely, and there is no guarantee that your body will ever go back to looking exactly like it did before your little one arrived.

But even though Jess's body won't ever really belong to her again, I doubt she'll mind. Having her little girl in her arms is certainly more important than needing new bras or having to do Kegel exercises all day long.

You can hear more about Jess's post-partum weight wishes in the video clip below.

Are you ok with the fact that your body probably won't look exactly like it did before you got pregnant?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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