If Madonna's Daughter Were Cooler, Her Smoking Would Bother Us More (VIDEO)

lourdesWhoa, whoa. Try not to keel over from shock here, but I have bad news: Madonna's 15-year-old daughter Lourdes was spotted in NYC smoking a cigarette. Smoking. A. Cigarette.

Of course it's something of an unpleasant surprise to see anybody smoking in public these days, and as an under-18 years of age anybody, it's technically not even legal for Lourdes to smoke. So we can all agree on this being a not so great thing. But I've been sitting here wondering how, as a parent, I'm supposed to react -- should I be worried that more kids will start smoking now because they saw a picture of Madonna's kid smoking?

Is that really how this works?

To find out, I enlisted the help of my tween (almost 11-year-old) daughter, Charlotte.


First I asked her if she knew who Lourdes was. She did. Then I showed her the video and asked how she thought other kids would react. Her answer?

"Nobody's gonna care."

You mean because Lourdes isn't that popular, I asked?

"Well, that -- and it's just like, whatever. Not a big deal."

Not a big deal why? Because she didn't do something worse?

"Yeah well ... just nobody cares about her."

Oh. Well, what if it was somebody else in this video, like Selena Gomez?

"Mom, she's like 19. She can do whatever she wants."

Oh. Okay. So if you saw somebody who you did think was really cool and they were smoking, what would you think?

"I don't know. It wouldn't make ME want to smoke. Oh my god, mom, did you think that?" Laughs hysterically. "Oh my god, mom. Gross."

So, what did we learn from this mother/daughter heart-to-heart? (Besides the fact that Lourdes is apparently a B-list celeb at best and smoking is "gross.")

Well, this might be a stretch, but I think what I realized today is this: Growing up in a world where Snooki and LiLo and the Teen Moms make "headline news" on a daily basis, our kids aren't going to bat an eye at some old lady singer's kid smoking a cigarette. Maybe celebrity gossip has reached such ridiculous heights of outrageousness that they don't even take it seriously. Maybe it's like a circus to them. Role models? Those clowns?

Do you think teens today take celebrity gossip seriously?

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