Suri Cruise Wears Pajamas to Dinner: So What? (VIDEO)

suri cruise pajamasQuick, everyone get out your soap box because it's time to start sounding off about Suri Cruise wearing pajamas to dinner. The soon-to-be 6-year-old and mom Katie Holmes were spotted walking into a New York City restaurant and Suri, the venerable fashionista, was in heart-print PJs and silver ballet flats. The mother-daughter duo had been pottery painting earlier that day, which, evidently, tuckered the poor little girl out.

Everyone's allowed an off day, aren't they? Listen, I wouldn't make any sort of habit of letting my kids wear PJs out of the house, but sometimes you just got to go with the flow and take the path of least resistance.


It goes without saying that being publicly dressed in public is a rule that should be stringently adhered to, but for the love of Pete, when you're trying to get to dinner and your 6-year-old won't budge until she's in her Batman costume/tiara/stained red jeans or pajamas, you have to take a step back and realize that sometimes, just sometimes, this rule can be broken.

If once or twice they want to wear something a little less than appropriate to dinner, I don't have any problem with it. These younger years are the only time in their lives they'll get away with being entirely them -- they're not embarrassed and don't yet care what other people think, and for that, I don't know, you kind of want to salute them.

Especially in Suri's case. That girl's dressed to the nines 24/7/365, so if she wants to take a break from the designer duds and just be super casj and sleepy-chic at one meal, to that I say: G'head Suri with your big bad pajama-wearing self. Werk it.

Have you ever let your kid, just once, wear PJs out of the house?


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