Pregnant Kristin Cavallari Could Use a Reality Check (VIDEO)


kristin cavallariKristin Cavallari is nothing short of adorable, but I have to admit that sometimes I just want to grab her by the shoulders and shake her and tell her that she has no idea what is about to happen to her life. I mean -- she just came off a booming reality TV career where she "played" a quintessential Malibu Barbie doll, and now she's got a growing baby bump and is about to be introduced to a world that revolves around diapers and spit-up. (Little bit of a switch from The Hills.)

And even though it's still early on in her pregnancy, Kristin is already talking about having a second baby. And a third. And a fourth. Whoa -- slow down, honey! What's the rush?


Well -- I guess it's sort of understandable that Kristin and her fiance, Jay Cutler, are already thinking about having a big family. She seems to be having a fairly easy pregnancy so far, which is a recipe for daydreaming about nonstop baby-making.

I had one of those super-duper easy pregnancies too (don't hate). And I can remember telling anyone and everyone who would listen that I was positively going to have three kids. Two boys and a girl (and a dog and cat and a white picket fence, etc.). We were going to be the perfect little family, and I would live happily ever after.

And then about two weeks after I brought my son home from the hospital, I got a huge wake-up call and realized that the whole parenting thing was no joke. From that point forward, I insisted that I was done having kids and that my son would be an only child. Guess what? He's 6 years old and he still doesn't have any siblings -- and he won't if all goes according to plan.

Dreaming about how life with babies will be and actually having them are two different things -- and Kristin really needs to take a step back and just relax and enjoy this pregnancy before getting too far into family planning. Sometimes things don't work out exactly the way you expected, and that's ok. At 25 years old, she has plenty of time to decide whether or not she wants more kids. All that added pressure will only stress her out as a new mom, which is the last thing she'll need.

To hear more about Kristin's pregnancy, check out the video clip below.


Are you already planning your next pregnancy?

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