Adriana Lima's Wishes for Second Baby Show What Kind of Mom She Really Is

adriana limaIt seems like congratulations are in order for Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima and her pro basketball player hubs, Marko Jaric. The 30-year-old announced via Twitter that she's pregnant with baby #2! The model mom tweeted to her followers, "Big news everyone! Marko and I are so happy to share some wonderful news with all of you! #ImPregnant." Gotta love that a baby announcement in 2012 comes complete with a hashtag, huh? So cute.

Wow, it feels like it was just yesterday that Adriana gave birth to the couple's first -- daughter Valentina. But Valentina is already 2 years old! And she sounds like she's just as excited as her parents. Adriana told People, "[Valentina] keeps blowing kisses to my belly, and saying, 'Kisses for the baby.'" Heart. Melting. Ahhhh!

Adriana also addressed expectations when it comes to whether Valentina is getting a sister or a brother ...


She told People:

Boy or girl, we’ll be excited either way. As long as our baby is healthy, we’re happy!

YES. Love! Terrific answer, pretty mama!

The thing is ... It's easy to get some kind of gender preference in mind. You feel like you'd like a daughter and a son, or two girly girls, or you envision yourself only as a total hockey mom to a brood (or at least a duo) of boys. It wouldn't be that crazy for Adriana to have said that she'd prefer a boy, because you know, she already has a daughter, and it would be cute for Valentina to have a baby brother. But I really admire her for giving the response she did instead -- and for legitimately sounding open-minded about giving birth to either a boy or a girl this time around.

Because fears or expectations about either gender happen, but all that really matters in the end is that you have a happy, healthy child. Period. 

That said, can't wait to hear if it is a boy or a girl for this gorgeous family. Either way, I have a feeling they'll be over-the-moon for their second kiddo.

Do you/did you hope to have a boy over a girl or vice-versa?


Image via D. Dipasupil/Getty Images

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