Kim Zolciak Is Nuts to Get Pregnant Again So Soon (VIDEO)

kim zolciak pregnantWhat the what? Kim Zolciak of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is pregnant again? It's true! Apparently! According to reports, the 33-year-old reality star is currently four months along with her fourth child. (Yes, the baby's daddy is her husband, Atlanta Falcons defensive end Kroy Biermann.)

Holy hell, you guys. Kim and Kroy just had their son KJ. Nine months ago to be exact. And if Kim's already four months along ... plus four, carry the two ... they got pregnant way too quickly!


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Getting pregnant again right after being pregnant ... well, it kinda seems like hell to me. I'm sure plenty of women will disagree, including Kim obviously, but man, I'm excited to be able to move and sleep on my stomach and not waddle and have a glass of wine, etc. etc. etc. As fortunate as I am to be pregnant, full disclosure, I'm looking forward to not being pregnant (in a few weeks!). And I want to enjoy that time -- for a few years at least. I want to "be myself" again for a bit.

Some women love being pregnant, though. I know. And some women feel like they have to get pregnant again right away due to age or other reasons. And if this is the case -- all you, ladies! But for me, I need a breaky-break. A radical sabbatical. A little time to regroup, if you will. For those of you who don't feel this way -- power to you, sisters. You're much stronger women than I.

Check out a video on Kim's pregnancy:

What are your thoughts on back-to-back pregnancies?


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