List of Jessica Simpson's Baby Shower Gifts Shows She'll Be a Good Mom

cow mist humidifierJess registered for this $40 humidifierJessica Simpson's baby shower brought out all the supah fabulous, supah rich celeb moms. So you'd assume she got some seriously ostentatious baby swag, right? Well, turns out, you'd be wrong. A list of what the star received for her little girl (Maxwell? Maybe?) has been released, and the gifts are surprisingly ... low-key. (Ahem, Beyonce, and your $5,200 crystal-encrusted bathtub.)

In fact, Jess's shower gifts look a lot like what normal ladies, a la you and me, would register for. (Well, save for the $40 pink and crystal pacifier.) And I like it. Because, seriously, you don't need a bunch of ridiculously expensive, over-the-top crap for your newborn.They eat, poop, and sleep. That's it.


Lil Sugar published an extensive list, but among some of the items Jess received are an Organic Baby Bjorn Carrier ($200); an Alma Mini Crib ($400), a humidifier that looks like a cow ($40), and a Beaba Babycook ($140). Not too crazy, right? In fact, I've seen most of these things on friends' registries. And I'm not friends with celebs.

Registering is fun. You get to mark a bunch of stuff down for other people to buy you. It's easy to get carried away. But, keep in mind, our parents most likely didn't request seven different kinds of organic swaddling devices. They probably only had a few blankets on hand and that was that. And we survived.

Even if you -- and your friends -- have wheel barrows full of money, it really doesn't pay to request a bunch of super expensive, crazy stuff for your baby. They won't be using it for long (save for strollers and car seats). The only thing they really need is your boobs and your attention and love. Okay, and probably a swaddling blanket or two. Everything else is just extra.

Do you know anyone who went crazy registering for their baby shower? Did you?


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