Molly Sims Has the Right Idea About Epidurals (VIDEO)

Molly SimsMolly Sims may not be the most high-profile pregnant woman in Hollywood, as stars like Jessica Simpson seem to soak up most of the spotlight, but she is one of my favorites. Though she's an excited first-time mother, she also has a refreshingly laid back attitude about the whole pregnancy thing -- especially when it comes to pain management during labor

In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, she talked about how she's preparing for the arrival of her baby with producer husband, Scott Stuber. “We’re just reading and taking it all in. I’m definitely going to do a birthing class, which we’re just about to start. I’m going to learn how to breathe and be zen." 

Which sounds great, but also made me roll my eyes a little, until I read the rest of her statement. 


“Or I’ll just get an epidural!” she said. 

She said advice from her friends on whether to get one has been mixed:

 “Some people are like, ‘You’ve got to go with the pain or you’ll never remember it,. Others are like, ‘No [expletive] way!’”

That pretty much sums up the extremely strong feelings that surround this often controversial issue. I'm glad to see Sims take a wait-and-see approach, however -- not something many women will admit.

While I think birth plans are great, I also think they can lead to loads of disappointment down the line. While an epidural may be the last thing you think you want and you vehemently commit beforehand to refusing it, it may be just what you need to get you through the experience. There should be no feelings of failure when any woman chooses to request help with pain management ... but too often there are.

There are certainly benefits to a "natural" birth, but plenty of babies are born with the use of epidurals, and they're just fine. While I applaud women who do it naturally, there are no points to be lost for those who don't. So leaving that decision open -- even if only in one's own mind -- is the best way to go into labor.  

Do you regret your decision to use an epidural or not? Did you have a birth plan, and if so, how closely did you follow it in actuality?


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