Jessica Simpson's Baby Shower Should Be a Warning (VIDEO)

Jessica SimpsonOver the weekend, Jessica Simpson, who you may or may not have known is pregnant, had her baby shower. Yes, it was a star-studded event, with celebs like Jessica Alba, Ellen Pompeo, sister Ashlee -- and their respective kids -- present. Yes, she received tons of gifts such as "books, stuffed toys, and clothes." And, yes, the color theme was pink with tube-shaped balloons and tulips serving as decor.

All in all, sounds like a lovely day. And from what I've heard, Jessica had a great time -- actually, the phrase "completely ecstatic" was used to describe the mom-to-be. But as anyone who's ever had a baby shower knows: Once the festivities are done, and all the baby paraphernalia is lugged into your house -- holy s**t, everything gets real. You're having a child!


It's what happened to me, at least. After my family and friends left my house, and it was just me, my husband, and a pile of Graco, everything hit us. We were really having a baby. Yes, of course, all the doctors' appointments and reading and my ever-growing bump were constant reminders that we were soon going to be joined by a third party. But nothing had as big of an impact than seeing and being able to physically touch all of my daughter's "stuff."

Before my apartment became filled with things like a co-sleeper, a bouncer, and more SleepSacks than I know what to do with it, it was still our apartment. It was just for my husband and me. Even if you didn't know us, upon entering, you could easily figure out a thing or two. We like traveling. We're avid readers. We (he) drink tons of coffee and espresso. Now when people come over, that stuff -- that telling, identifying stuff -- is overshadowed by baby things. Now when people come over, they immediately think, "Parents." And even though that freaks me out from time to time, that's a good thing.

See, having a crib and a changing table, etc. in our small one-bedroom apartment is a visual, tangible reminder -- every day -- that we're having a baby. Yes, this is really happening! And I like that. It helps me connect with my daughter-to-be more. Makes me feel a little bit like a mature woman, ready to become a mom, instead of an 18-year-old stuck in a 33-year-old's body. And the baby stuff? It doesn't seem so foreign to me anymore. I've gotten acquainted with the SleepSacks, and the Moby Wrap, and the folding bouncing thing. I'm confident I'll actually know what to do with all this crap once we bring our baby home. And that's really a good thing -- because from what I hear, new moms have much more important things to worry about. Right, Jess?

Check out a video about Jess's baby shower:

When did it hit you that holy s**t you're having a baby?

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