'Toddlers and Tiaras' Star Gets Her Own Reality TV Spinoff (VIDEO)

eden woodFormer Toddlers & Tiaras star Eden Wood has spent the better part of her 7-years of her life on camera, and sadly, it doesn't look her mother could resist the urge to put her life on display once again. Eden just landed her very own reality TV show called Eden's World, which will premiere on April 16th.

And while Eden's World may be considered a reality TV program, I think it's safe to say that the basis behind the show is anything but realistic for a 7-year old little girl. Camera crews will film Eden and her mom on a search for future pint-sized pageant queens in New York City. And then Eden will try to break into an acting and singing career that goes well beyond reality TV. Disgusted yet? You should be. Because Eden's latest venture pretty much kills any chance of her having a normal childhood.


My son is a pretty animated 6-year old, so much so that I even enrolled him in acting classes at a local children's theater. He goes every Saturday morning, and he absolutely loves it. Acting was something he expressed an interest in, and there's a very good chance that he will continue to pursue it even further down the road. And that's fine -- when he's older and capable of making that decision for himself. At 6-years old, I'm not about to push him into some sort of reality TV career. That would make me one pretty selfish parent.

At this stage of his life there's no way in hell that I would allow cameras to follow him around, putting his entire childhood out there for the world to see. I totally understand parents wanting their kids to be successful, and I can also see where they can be tempted by the promise of fame and financial security. However, childhood is the one time in our kids' lives where they shouldn't have to worry about anything other than what kind of snack they're going to have after school or who to invite to their birthday party. And when they are worrying about those things, they certainly don't need film crews capturing the moment.

If Eden decides she wants a reality TV career down the road, that's fine. And at 7-years old, she has plenty of years to ponder what she really wants to do with her life. It's just too bad her mother doesn't realize that.

You can see a bit of footage from Eden's TV career thus far in the video clip below.


Would you let your child star in a reality show?


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