Snooki Is So Right When She Says Partying Is Like Pregnancy (VIDEO)

snookiWhether you are a fan of Jersey Shore or not, you gotta admit that hearing Snooki talk about her pregnancy is beyond hysterical. I mean -- it's not exactly a huge shock that she's taking a pretty lighthearted approach to the whole thing considering that she really doesn't take herself too seriously. And despite the fact that she's had to ditch hitting the clubs and sucking back bottles of booze now that she's expecting, she isn't letting being pregnant rain on her parade. Snooks thinks pregnancy is pretty much one big party!

After the season finale of Jersey Shore last night, Snooki compared her bouts of morning sickness to being hungover. Hmm. I'd never really thought about it that way before, but I guess those two things are pretty similar.


Come to think of it, pregnancy symptoms and things that happen as a result of partying do kind of go hand in hand. Let's compare.

Swollen ankles - Did you get "cankles" when you were pregnant? I sure did. By the end of the day you couldn't tell where my leg ended and my foot began. And after wearing a mile-high pair of stiletto heels for a night out on the town, I typically get the same result.

Pregnancy glow - Ahh, the beautiful glow of a beaming mom-to-be. That look is pretty hard to recreate, unless of course you spend hours each week at the tanning salon. Yep -- Snooks had the whole glow thing down-pat well before she got pregnant.

Peeing your pants - Losing control of your bladder definitely occurs as pregnancy progresses, and it's also hard to make it to the bathroom in time after a night of tequila shots. Wow. Can't us gals ever get a break?

Food cravings - I can remember pretty much lusting over a fat pepperoni pizza while I was pregnant with my son. But wait a minute -- I had the same pizza dreams quite a bit when I came home from the bars in college after a night of living it up. In both situations, I would've done just about anything for that pizza.

Looking all bloated and puffy - Retaining a ton of water while pregnant is pretty much unavoidable, and it's also hard to escape when you've just sucked back a six-pack of beers.

Staying up all night - There's a very good chance that the all-nighters that Snooki pulled down at the Jersey Shore have prepared her well for being awake all night because she can't get comfortable due to her big belly and her baby kicking her in the ribs.

You can hear Snooki talk more about her pregnancy (and her hopes of being a M.I.L.F.) in the video clip below.


Do you think Snooki's hard core partying days are really gone for good? Or will she make a return to the club scene after her baby arrives?


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