Convenient New Diaper Technology Could End Odor (VIDEO)

diaperpodsDiapers are a necessary evil until your child is potty trained, which can be a whole other necessary evil in itself. Whether you go the cloth or the disposable route, there is still a stinky process to the whole bit. Sideth Ung, a father of three, had an idea, though ... something that could change the way we deal with diapers forever. Specifically diaper disposal. They are called DiaperPods and they could make diaper pails obsolete because they come with a hidden bag that can seal the stink up once your kid is ready to be changed.

Yes it's the opposite of the 100 percent compostable diapers we recently talked about, but for those who use 'sposies and are not into composting poop, DiaperPods may be just what you need in a diaper. Here is how it works:


The bag is built right into the diaper and it's the perfect size to just seal it up. No need to ever have bags on hand for when you are changing a diaper and can't dispose of it right away. No need to buy a diaper pail and the bags that come with it every week. DiaperPods to the rescue!

Is it eco-friendly? Heck no. But neither is having kids, so it's just part of the deal. I like the idea. Necessary? Not really. But convenient, yes. And don't we all love convenience? This would be the perfect diaper for when we visit my parents' house with the kids. Their garbage won't get all stinky and we won't have to keep that extra bag on the deck reserved only for the dirty nappies. Okay in winter, not so okay when it's warm.

These DiaperPods aren't available in stores just yet, though. They are part of Walmart's Get on the Shelf program where new inventions are up for vote to possibly be sold in their stores. So if you like this dad's invention, you can help him get it produced by voting.

What do you think of DiaperPods? Would you buy them? Are you voting?


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