Jessica Simpson's Baby Name Revealed & It's Awesome

Jessica SimpsonSo, it really happened. We think. Jessica Simpson('s friend) flat out told the press the name of her unborn baby girl. Wowzers. Bold move on the friend's behalf if she just up and revealed the singer's baby's name to a rag mag. And bold move on Jessica's behalf if this was authorized. That's breaking all sorts of celebrity baby-to-be rules, isn't it?

Regardless of logistics, though, the (alleged) name really is a cute one. And it isn't super "out there" like some may have suspected. (You do know that "Zinfandel" was an option, right?) In fact, it's just perfect, and let's be honest, it's only a matter of time before it sweeps the nation.

One thing has me scratching me head, though: I thought Jessica was having a girl.


Okay, okay, okay, I won't keep you in suspense any longer. Jess' baby's name supposedly is Maxwell Johnson. Maxwell is her fiancee Eric's middle name, as well as the maiden name of his grandmother. According to the friend, "Jessica wanted a name with meaning."

When you first hear the name "Maxwell," you kind of think boy, right? Like, if you were reading a resume with the name "Maxwell Johnson" on top, you'd assume, "Okay, this person is a male." Gender stereotyping? I guess, but the fact is, the majority of Maxwells in the world are dudes ... which makes this name so awesome.

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The name itself isn't so bizarre that people will raise their eyebrows and cock their heads to the side as if to say, "Come again?" when they hear it, but it will definitely set Jess and Eric's little one apart from the rest. It's the perfect amount of quirkiness. It's adorable.

But ... as one of our perceptive and intuitive writers over here pointed out, if Maxwell is in fact her name, it could make for some interesting middle school years when puberty's all the rage. What's short for Maxwell? Maxi ... as in Maxi Pad. Oof, that could be rough times.

But before and after that, it's all gravy -- Maxwell's a great name for a girl. It's cute for a baby and sexy for an adult. Nice work, Mom and Dad (to-be).

What do you think of the name Maxwell?


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