Jessica Simpson's Unstoppable Sex Drive Makes Me Sweat a Little (VIDEO)

jessica simpson eric johnsonJessica Simpson is having a tough time walking these days thanks to her enormous baby bump, but she certainly isn't having any trouble doing the horizontal limbo. Yes, you heard me correctly -- Jess absolutely loves getting it on with fiance Eric Johnson, and she thinks that the sex is even better during pregnancy. (For reals?!)

And while most people aren't super comfortable talking about their sex life (or lack thereof) while pregnant, Jessica wasn't afraid to go ahead and share her insane horniness with millions of radio listeners. Her exact words on Ryan Seacrest's show were: "I am definitely 'feeling intimate'. I'm kind of unstoppable right now. The Big O is, like, the biggest O ever!"

Holy moly. Can you imagine what Papa Joe must be thinking after hearing his little girl talk about rolling between the sheets? Oh, the horror.


Is it just me, or are there more of you out there who are sweating a little bit even thinking about trying to have sex while heavily pregnant? Maybe I'm not being creative enough, but I've never really understood the logistics of how third trimester sex works, especially if you are as big as Jessica Simpson (which I was). Isn't it kind of hard to line things up correctly with a huge belly standing in your way? But wait a minute -- maybe having to find new and interesting positions is why some people find pregnant sex so hot. Huh. That does kind of make sense.

When I was in my final months of pregnancy, I wouldn't let my husband near me, and it's not because I wasn't attracted to him or anything like that. It had more to do with the fact that I felt incredibly un-sexy while pregnant, plus I was also one of those women who feared that sex would somehow harm the baby. Even though I'd been told it was safe, it still just freaked me out a bit. And honestly? I'm sure my husband was kind of relieved. Somehow I don't think that listening to me whine about hemorrhoids and heartburn all day long was exactly a turn-on. What dude would get all hot and bothered over that?

Every woman has a different experience during pregnancy, so if Jessica is happy and comfortable getting down and dirty with her man, then I say good for her! She hasn't let her baby bump slow her down in any other aspect of her life during pregnancy, so why should sex be any different? She might as well get as many bedroom romps in as she can now, since things will slow down quite a bit after her baby girl arrives.

Check out the video below to hear more about Jessica's glamorous pregnancy.


Are you still enjoying sex even though you're pregnant?


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