Telling Jessica Simpson She's 'Ready to Pop' Is Rude

jessica simpsonThe fact of the matter is, Jessica Simpson has gotten big during her pregnancy. And that's fine! The singer looks just as lovely as she always does, despite not having a Posh Spice-esque mini baby bump; and most importantly, she looks happy. She did pregnancy her way, not the Hollywood way, indulging when she when wanted to. Still, though, just 'cause she caved to (pretty much all) her cravings -- her words, not mine -- doesn't make it right for people to go around saying she's "ready to pop."


In a totally innocent-meaning statement, Simpson's Fashion Star mentor, John Varvatos, said just that. He recently told reporters, "She's definitely ready to pop." Now, I know. I'm sure Varvatos didn't mean anything by this at all -- especially since it was followed by a barrage of lovely, complimentary things about the former reality star -- but still, statements like this, when you're pregnant, can come off as kind of insulting.

See, I actually made this mistake before I myself got pregnant. I saw a friend after not seeing her for a few days, and I said something along the lines of just that (I believe my exact words were, "Whoa, you look really pregnant today."). I meant nothing whatsoever by the statement -- I truly had no idea that what I said was rude -- but once the words came out, and I saw her face, I knew I messed up. Like most people, pregnancy, and the weird little etiquettes that come with it, weren't in my frame of reference.

Fast forward to months later, here I am, eight months pregnant. Have I heard the exact phrase, "You look like you're ready to pop"? No. But I've heard things pretty damn close to what I myself said months earlier. Things like, "You're so much bigger than the last time I saw you," and "Oh my God, I can't believe your belly!" And although I know nobody means any malice by such words, it still sort of stings. I don't want to be reminded of how big my belly is getting, and how drastically different my current body is from my normally rather small body. Because the truth is, I miss that body. That's the body I'm used to; that's the body I know. And I don't necessarily need to be reminded of how it's a world away right now -- and how everybody notices.

Did people ever say stuff like this to you while you were pregnant?


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