Snooki Doesn't Need Your Stinkin' Pregnancy Advice

She's fiiiine.
Since Snooki announced her pregnancy, the world can't seem to keep its collective pie hole shut. Everyone from her ex-boyfriend to Zach Braff has had something to say to the Jersey Shore star. And now, a Staten Island politician, who apparently has nothing better to do (psh, laws!), is adding her two cents, too. Senator Diane Savino, the Democrat who chairs the Senate Children and Families Committee, had some choice words for the pint size star. Hint: They're not "best wishes" and "congratulations".


Savino urged the mom-to-be to "change her behavior," telling the Daily News: “I just hope someone talks to her about fetal alcohol syndrome.” She then added, “It’s time to grow up. We don’t wish anything bad on her. I hope her baby is healthy. Here’s a chance for her to change her image and become a positive role model."

Dude. We get it. Snooki gets it. The lifestyle the reality star was living prior to getting pregnant is not conducive to having a child. Must we keep belaboring this point? Obviously, Snooki knows that drinking while pregnant isn't recommended. Why is everyone so obsessed with doling out pregnancy advice?

Until I got pregnant myself, I didn't realize this was such a pastime for people; it seems to be almost a sport. My pre-baby lifestyle was nothing like Snooki's, but I got an earful of (different) advice, as well. "You know you're not supposed to have coffee, right?" "Oh, you're drinking out a plastic bottle ... bold." "You don't eat dairy? What on earth are you doing about calcium? You know you need calcium!" "Your hair looks lighter ... you didn't get it highlighted, did you?" Yes; back off; calcium chews; and, again, yes. What's it to you?

I know that -- partly -- people who hand out pregnancy advice like Mentos are doing it because they're concerned for the baby. But I also know that another reason people do it is to drop the knowledge -- they want you to know how well-versed they are in all things baby. And they want you to know that they're an AP mom.

The best thing people can do for mamas-to-be -- Snooki included -- is back off a bit. If you're really close with someone who's pregnant, and generally concerned with their welfare, by all means, comment away. But if you barely know the person -- and if the advice, like Savino's, is totally obvious -- do yourself, and the preggo, a favor. Keep it to yourself. We've got enough on our minds.

Do you ever feel bombarded with pregnancy advice?


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