People Who Think Jennifer Garner 'Looks Tired' Should Be Forced to Babysit

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were out for the first time since their baby Samuel was born and, predictably, the tabloids are already saying they "look tired." Shocking news, right? They look tired. What new parent -- let alone one with three children under 7 -- doesn't look tired? Come off it, people!

New moms look tired because ... we are! We are exhausted! We are bone tired down to the core of our being because a newborn is up many times a night, and if the baby is number two or three (or four or five), then mom also has to be up at dawn with the older ones. It's exhausting. So yes, we look tired.

Thanks Daily Mail, Captain Obvious! Am I also wearing mismatched socks and a backwards mumu? Does Toucan Sam sell Froot Loops? 


For others who are around new moms -- like the certain family member of mine who came to my house when my baby was 6 days old and I was exhausted, emotional, overwhelmed, and without help and spent the night telling me about all the cross country skiing she'd done earlier -- get a clue. 

Don't tell new moms they "look tired." Don't tell them they "seem stressed." Don't ask them if they are "going for number two (hahahahahah)" or if they ever want to "have sex again" (yes, someone asked me this).

It isn't that hard to be semi-polite to an overwhelmed, stressed, and (yes!) exhausted new mom.

Instead, perhaps The Daily Mail and any person who feels the need to say such things could offer to take the baby while mommy gets her sleep on. After all, we ARE tired and we need help.

As for Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, they have been here twice before, they can handle it. A new baby is a huge adjustment whether it's your third or eighth. But they will hang in there. And Jennifer Garner "tired" looks better than 99.9 percent of the world on their best day. Hang in there, girl!

Do you take offense when people tell new moms they "look tired"?


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