Snooki Gives Her Fetus a Perfect 'Jersey Shore' Name (VIDEO)

Snooki, Nicole PolizziWell, it's official -- Snooki, aka Nicole Polizzi, is in fact pregnant. Her boyfriend and alleged baby daddy, Jionni LaValle, tweeted confirmation yesterday. He also offered up the first insight into what this fascinating couple from Jersey Shore is calling their first child.

It's neither traditional nor like anything you've ever heard before, trust me. Just remember who we're talking about here, and you might actually be pleasantly surprised. It's ...


"Shortn Tan."

Nicole and I are real excited!! Our baby is going to be #ShortnTan.

Get it? Short and tan ... like Snooki. Okay, so that's just the name they're calling the fetus now, and hopefully not one that will stick. I guess you never know with her, but assuming it's temporary, it's kind of cute as a code baby name, no? It makes me want to send her some baby sunscreen as a gift, but otherwise, it could certainly be worse.

Most expectant parents come up with some sort of nickname for their unborn child either before they know the sex, or if they don't want to share the name with others before the birth. It helps everyone avoid calling him or her "it" for nine months.

Many people go with the standard "Peanut" or "Bean," but other people get creative. Here are a few interesting ones from the CafeMom Pregnancy message boards:

Lil' Demon

Lil' Ninja



Squirt (this one makes me cringe)

Cletus the Fetus

Others I've heard:

Lola (because what Lola wants, Lola get)

FeeTee (for fetus)




So really, Shortn Tan isn't that outrageous in the scheme of things.

With my son, my husband and I came up with the name we were LEAST likely to name him and called him that. I'm not going to tell you what it was, because today one of his good friends bears that name. Which just goes to show that no matter what you call your child -- born or unborn -- everyone will have their own opinion about it.

What did you call your unborn baby?