Jessica Simpson Does 'The Demi Moore' on 'Elle' & It's Getting Old

Jessica SimpsonIn case you just rolled out of bed and this is the very first thing you're reading today, I'm happy to be the one to tell you: Jessica Simpson and her pregnant belly are gracing the cover of Elle magazine's April issue. See exhibit A to your left.

The pop star looks lovely on the magazine, doesn't she? Sexy naked body. Forlorn look in her eyes. One hand strategically placed over her boobs, the over lovingly holding her belly. The gray background ... hey, wait a doggone minute, we've been bamboozled!


Wouldn't you know it, we've seen this photo already. In 1991. On the cover of Vanity Fair. Except Demi Moore was Jessica and the only difference -- literally -- was their heads. And come to think of it, we've seen the picture numerous times since then, as well. Once with Cindy Crawford, another time with reality star Shayne Lamas, another time with Claudia Schiffer, and oh yeah, just recently, that "older mom" on the cover of New York magazine. All look beautiful, all are posing in the exact same way: Like Demi (and Annie Leibovitz) first did.

So, should we officially start calling the naked, pregnant side shot "The Demi"? I mean, it's obvious we're going to see this photo again in the future. Perhaps sooner than we think -- there are tons of pregnant celebrities right now. Maybe Vanessa Minnillo will "Demi," or, hey, maybe even Snooki?

Or maybe -- hopefully -- some creative photographer and beautiful pregnant woman will come up with a new pose that will be all the rage. Doesn't have to be naked. Doesn't have to be to the side. In fact, I encourage that it's not, 'cause "The Demi" has been done to death. And, sorry, but somebody's yet to top her.

Are you over "The Demi" or are you still feeling it?


Image via Elle

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