Jessica Simpson Reveals Baby Name Through Totally Obvious Clues (VIDEO)

jessica simpsonDo you remember when Jessica Simpson was spotted shopping for pink baby clothes a few weeks ago? Well, after her latest interview with Elle, there's no doubt that she was buying those items for the little one she's carrying. Jessica has confirmed that she and Eric Johnson are indeed about to welcome a baby girl!

OMG. How adorable is a mini-Jessica going to be? And she's going to be such an amazing girl mom. She'll love taking her shopping and playing dress-up and tea party and all that good stuff. And who are we kidding -- you know she'll have her little miss wearing heels way before Katie Holmes put Suri in hers.

Jessica also revealed that she and Eric have already picked out their little girl's name, and they gave some pretty mysterious clues as to what they have chosen to call her.


Jess described the name as "nontraditional," and also added:


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