Vanessa Minnillo Lachey's Pregnancy News Is More Exciting Than Jessica Simpson's

vanessa minnillo nick lacheyLife is about to change in a big way for Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo Lachey, because she's 12 weeks pregnant with their first child! I know -- it's about time, right?

These two have only been married for eight months, but they've been together for, like, forever by Hollywood standards. Honestly, I thought she'd be preggo before they even got hitched. You know -- because that's how all of the cool kids in Hollywood are doing it these days. Even Nick's seemingly squeaky clean ex, Jessica Simpson, found herself with no wedding ring on her finger even though she has a big ol' baby bump. (I still can't help but wonder how Papa Joe reacted when he first heard the news that his baby girl was knocked up.)

All Papa Joe jokes aside, however, Vanessa's pregnancy news is just way more exciting than Jessica's.


You can't help but be super thrilled for a couple like Nick and Vanessa, who really took the time to get to know each other and develop a loving and committed relationship before jumping into the whole marriage and kids deal. They really are the definition of a rock-solid couple, and they are going to be incredible parents.

Can't you just picture them playing games of touch football in the backyard with a whole brood of adorable kids? They are both so fun-loving and active, and they will no doubt make the most out of every second of parenthood. Odds are also good that they won't be quite as rattled as most new parents are when a new baby is thrown into the mix. It's obvious that Vanessa and Nick are a great team, and that will really serve them well when it comes to middle of the night feedings and diaper blowouts.

Jessica Simpson, on the other hand, is getting ready to dive head first into parenthood any day now, with a man that she really hasn't known all that long. (Tell me again who Eric Johnson is, and how he and Jess got together in the first place?) As much as we'd love to think that everything will work out perfectly for her, it's kinda tough considering how quickly she rushed into wanting to be a wife and mom with a dude she knew for about five minutes. It almost seems like she was in some sort of huge hurry to settle down, simply because she knew that Nick had definitely moved on and was getting his happy ending with Vanessa.

And although it's a given that you're always happy for someone who is expecting a baby, no matter who they are or what the status of their relationship was when they got pregnant, it just seems easier to root for a gal like Vanessa who made all of the right decisions as far as preparing for motherhood goes.

Do you think that Nick and Vanessa will have a boy or a girl?


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