Sandra Bullock's Freak-Out Over Son's Health Is Understandable

Sandra Bullock looked great at the Oscars last Sunday night, but a few nights before them, she was just like all of us -- up late with her 2-year-old, wondering if his fever would break. Bullock told a friend she was "freaking out" over baby Louis's high temperature and how it wouldn't respond to Tylenol. Haven't we all been there?

One of the greatest things about Bullock is always how REAL she seems and this is no exception. Fevers are so scary for moms. I am now five years into parenting, and just last week, my son (he is 3.5) had a 105 temperature. Though I was calm at first, I was a wreck by the third day. I wondered if he would ever get better.

That's the thing about parenting. It's so surprising how the things we think will bother us as parents -- late nights, throwing up, even falls -- are less bothersome or scary than the things that seem "normal" or "par for the course." I mean, don't all kids get fevers? But when it's yours, it's a whole other thing. Every time.


Being a mom can be very scary. My "cool mom" demeanor has a shelf life of about one day when it comes to my kids' illnesses. By day two, I need them to be better. If not, I start googling.

Bullock can probably relate to this, too. We all can. After all, how many times have you googled your kid's symptoms and diagnosed your child with some fatal syndrome at 3 a.m. and called your doctor in a panic?

Being a mom is scary. Last week, my son's fever disappeared after five days and a million tests and two ER visits. There was no pneumonia, no flu, and ultimately no explanation. He had a "virus," one of many he will likely get in his lifetime and one I am powerless to stop. Even still, I will be scared. Every time. That's my job.

I feel for Bullock and we can all relate. Here's another promise: It gets no easier. Your kid will be 10 and you will STILL be worried when they are sick. We are moms. It comes with the territory.

Do you get scared when your kids have fevers?


Image via djtomdog/Flickr

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