There's Nothing Bristol Palin Can Tell Single Moms That They Don't Already Know

bristol palin tv showBristol Palin is back, you guys! Now Lifetime is putting the most famous teen/single mom on the TV in the new docu-series: Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp. Because apparently her job now is to be on reality television. Nice gig, if you can get it. Or horrible gig, rather, if that's all you're qualified for, due to your lack of education because you were a teen mom. Either/or.

Of course I'm going to watch Bristol's adventures in Alaska because I'm completely fascinated with all things Palin, as well as terrified. But if you're a single mom and you're looking for a role model, I'm telling you there are a zillion other rad single moms out there to relate to instead of Ms. Palin. In fact, I know of five that can guide you in the right direction without taking you off a cliff.


My Mom -- A teacher in a small Oklahoma town, my own mother went to school for her Masters degree while raising my brother and me on her own. Small salary, time was tight, but she managed to accomplish much more than Bristol ever will.

Single Mom Survives -- This is how you run into someone who knows the woman who slept with your husband and took him away from you and your child. I'm guessing Bristol wouldn't have been nearly as cool.

Solitary Mama -- Because Bristol will probably have a Super PAC available to her to buy up any Girl Scout Cookies, Boy Scout lanyards, or elk meat for fundraisers. But Solitary Mama will warn you against getting involved in that mess in the first place.

Sex Lies and Bacon -- This is the blog post every blogger wishes they could write. It figures a strong, single mama would be the one to tell everyone to STFU.

The Mommy Blog -- Sigh. This single mama is getting married, so enjoy her archives and revel in her new life.

What single moms do you look up to?

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