Yummy Maternity Wear, Snooki Style

snooki pregnantNo one here at The Stir is saying Snooki is definitely pregnant. We just think she is. We have a whole room full of freelance forensics experts and dulas examining photos right now and we're expecting a conclusive statement any moment.

But in the meantime, let's talk about what Snooki should wear now that -- I mean, if -- she's pregnant. Because that tiny little body is going to get awfully round. That is, if she is indeed preggo. A woman Snooki's height is always in danger of resembling a beach ball when she gets pregnant. And a beach ball definitely belongs on Jersey Shore -- but that doesn't mean Snooki wants to be that ball.

Do you follow me? Let's look at some short lady maternity looks.

Okay, so here's the scoop:

  • Go monochromatic whenever you can, especially in black. You like wearing black, right? Yes you do.
  • Choose snug-fitting, not loose, especially on the top. I mean, the Red Tent look does not flatter anyone. But keep it simple.
  • No ruffles, crazy patterns, or horizontal stripes. They'll just make you look shorter and rounder.
  • Leggings look great, but so do wide-legged pants, especially on shorter women. It's counter-intuitive, but they have a way of lengthening you a bit.
  • Long dresses look good as long as they're fitted in the bodice and especially if you use a belt above the belly.

So now let's take a look at some flattering maternity looks for you, Snooki.

What looks do you think Snooki should wear?


Image via Pacific Coast News

  • Long, black dress by Shabby Apple


    Classy! Like you're from Teaneck instead of the Shore. Which is probably why you'll never wear it. You hate this dress, don't you?

  • Wide-leg maternity jeans


    You're probably wondering what these are. This is what I mean by wide-legged jeans. Pronounced "wyyyd leg geeeenz." I know you're used to skinnies, but theses will look sweet, trust me. Um, think of them as jean-like yoga pants. Ok, you know what? Just wear boot-cut yoga pants.

  • Simple slim-fit maternity


    This ruched-sleeved top is chic with draping in all the right places. And then you can get a picture of a baby smoking and drinking a beer screen-printed over it.

  • Belted maxi dress


    The maxi maternity done right -- diagonal stripes, snug fit on top, and belted above the belly. Pretend it's zebra stripes.

  • Snooki style


    I don't even know why I'm bothering. I know you're going to end up wearing something kind of tacky like this. Too short, too shiny...

  • Leopard-print maternity


    And we'll probably see you in one of these at some point. But hey, more power to you, Snooki. If anyone can work it, you can.

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