Natalie Portman's Post-Baby Body Rocks at the Oscars

natalie portmanWow. How totally amazing did Natalie Portman look at the Oscars last night? Debuting her post-baby body at the 84th Annual Academy Awards was just so fitting for Natalie, considering that she was heavily pregnant when she accepted her Best Actress award for Black Swan at the show last year. Good grief. What a difference a year makes, right?

Natalie looked absolutely stunning in this strapless red gown, which definitely showed that she's shed every single ounce of baby weight. How on earth did she take it off so fast? Oh yeah, she's a celeb, and that's kinda how things seem to work out for them after giving birth. (So unfair, right?) But aside from the fact that she's back to her super-tiny pre-pregnancy self, she really stood out even more because she seemed to have kind of a glow going on.


I mean -- most moms of a 6-month-old baby look totally exhausted, with bags under their eyes and an overall appearance of self-neglect. Or at least that's how I looked up until my son was about 3 years old. That's normal, right?

Natalie, on the other hand, looks even better than she did before welcoming her son Aleph into the world. It's pretty obvious to tell that motherhood really agrees with her. And even though she probably had a team of people who made her look red carpet ready, you really can't fake the look of pure joy. Check out that smile -- doesn't she look happier than she's ever been in her life? It's seriously impossible to even be jealous of her for being back in her pre-baby clothes simply because she looks so darn content. You can't help but love her.

And judging from how well she appears to have transitioned into the whole motherhood thing, I wouldn't be surprised if she turns up pregnant with baby number two on the red carpet at next year's Oscars.

How long did it take you to bounce back after your baby arrived?


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