Jessica Simpson's Latest Shopping Trip Could Be Clue to Her Baby's Gender (VIDEO)

jessica simpson pregnantWow. Jessica Simpson must really be feeling the strain of being pregnant right about now. She totally looks like she's ready to pop! Odds are good that she doesn't have too much longer to go, which explains why she was spotted out shopping for baby stuff with her mom this week.

And judging from the pink baby clothes and other items that a witness saw her purchasing, it looks like Jess may very well be expecting a baby girl. Or at least that's what most people would assume based on the baby goods she picked up. I guess she could've been shopping for a friend, but it would actually make more sense if she was stocking up before her own little one's arrival.

Plus, based on Jessica's pregnancy thus far, it makes complete and total sense if she is having a baby girl versus a boy.


Have you heard that whole theory about how if you are pregnant with a girl, you look a little bit rougher than those who are carrying boys? There is a theory that baby girls steal your beauty while you're pregnant, or something to that effect.

Poor Jess has taken quite a bit of heat lately for gaining a lot of weight during her pregnancy and also because she looks bloated and tired. If she is carrying a girl and the old legends are true, then it completely makes sense that she would be a bit on the heavy and frumpy side versus looking like she did in her Daisy Dukes. Of course, even if this little one is a girl and she's stealing her famous mama's beauty while in-utero, Jessica still looks a whole lot cuter than most pregnant gals. (Give her a break already, alright?)

Of course, I had a baby boy, and I looked pretty awful while I was pregnant with him. I gained a good 50 pounds and my neck virtually disappeared, so I think it's safe to say that I wasn't exactly a vision of loveliness while I was carrying him. I even had people question whether my sonograms were wrong because they insisted that the fact that my butt was so large indicated that I was having a girl instead of a boy. Nice, huh?

But aside from any old wives' tales about predicting the sex of a baby, there were rumors that suggested that Jessica was having a girl fairly early on in her pregnancy, as you will hear in the video clip below.


Do you think that Jessica will welcome a baby girl, or surprise us and have a boy?


Image via Pacific Coast News/5minmedia

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