Drew Barrymore Might Be Pregnant -- Hooray! (VIDEO)

drew barrymoreIs Drew Barrymore concealing a baby bump?It seems Drew Barrymore couldn't be any happier since getting engaged to her BF Will Kopelman. She's flashed her "fancy" engagement ring and discussed seeking out a "timeless" wedding dress. Every step of the way, it seems she gets even glowier. But that may not be strictly attributable to pre-wedding excitement. It's possible Drew has even more to look forward to.

According to TMZ, the actress was spied leaving a doctor's office (no details on what kind of doctor) with Will, and she was holding what appears to be a print-out of a sonogram. While that's not exactly PROOF that she's pregnant, it could be a clue! Plus, a couple of weeks ago, Drew talked kids with Jay Leno, noting, "I don't know [how many] yet. Start with one, see how it goes. If we could be so blessed, that would be wonderful." 

Pregnant now or not, Drew sounds destined to be an awesome mom. Here, five reasons why.

  1. Her relationship with her mom has been an extremely difficult one. Drew legally emancipated herself from mother Jaid Barrymore when she was about 15, and the two seem to have a very complicated relationship (or estrangement). I could imagine this might make Drew even more prone to want to have a healthy, happy relationship with her child(ren). I can't help but think of Tori Spelling, who has had similar issues with her mom Candy, but who has turned out to be a supermom to her four kiddos.
  2. She's very self-expressive. With all that Pisces in her astrological chart, Drew's a natural-born poet who has always said what is in her heart. Being so demonstrative and vocal about her emotions should make her a very loving mama.
  3. She's a go-getter. Starting out as a child star, Drew's evolved into the co-head of production company Flower Films, screenwriter, and a director, as well. A driven mom makes for a stellar role model!
  4. She knows what it's like to grow up too fast. Child stardom led to Drew partying like a 30-something rock star (Studio 54 anyone?) in her early teens. Thus, I have a feeling she would take all the right precautions to make sure her kid(s) didn't suffer the same fate.
  5. She has a quirky sense of humor. She's totally going to be the kind of mom who can make her kids giggle thanks occasional goofy behavior and an appropriately wild imagination.

Usually, you think kids who are born to Hollywood royalty might have a tough time, but I bet Drew's kids will be more than a-okay. Can't wait to see her officially become a mommy-to-be!

Here's a video with more details on Drew's possible pregnancy ...



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