Victoria Beckham Wins New Moms Over With Honesty

victoria beckham working momNow this is something I never, ever thought I would say: Victoria Beckham has charmed the pants off of me, or at least the mom in me. After years of watching that skinny lady pop out baby after baby, always appearing thinner when she steps out in her impossibly high heels, it appears Posh Spice has hit a wall.

You see, baby Harper isn't treating the Beckhams very well. That little girl they wanted so badly is not much of a sleeper, and it's starting to show on Vic's face. Am I horrible for rejoicing in this, or just relieved that this particular celebrity is finally being honest about the toll being a mom takes on a lady? Even a beautiful, rich lady, who happens to be married to an incredible hunk. Thanks Mrs. Beckham for finally being honest about what's going on in your house.


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Apparently Posh has been getting some slack for looking "miserable" when she's out and about. Addressing these insults, Victoria explains how it is having a newborn and trying to be a working mom. Or, "mum" as the British say. According to US Weekly, Victoria explains: "I'm not getting much sleep at all. Harper's not sleeping that great, and I've been taking Skype business calls throughout the night, too, because of the collections. I'm up with the baby as all mums are, and I wouldn't have it any other way. There's not a team of people doing it for me." (Emphasis, mine.)

Way to go, Becks. Way to go. Instead of smiling and hiring more help, she's buckling down and doing what all of us working moms do: work at night and pray for an uninterrupted block of time for sleep. I've always felt Victoria Beckham was more than a little bit alien, and this finally makes her human to me. Granted, I was a wreck with only one baby, and she's got four. But if that's what it takes to break down the perfect facade, you go Harper. 

Does this admission make you like Victoria Beckham more?


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