Bethenny Frankel Makes Emotional Miscarriage Revelation With Grace (VIDEO)

bethenny frankelAnyone watching Bethenny Frankel on the Today show this morning saw a way more emotional interview than they were expecting to see. The reality TV show star went from talking about life/work balance as a busy mom and her husband's "cobweb-filled" penis to opening up about a heartbreaking personal experience: Responding to Savannah Guthrie's question about plans to give 21-month-old daughter Bryn a little brother or sister, Frankel revealed that she was in fact pregnant with a second child, but miscarried at eight weeks.

I have tremendous respect for Frankel and the way she handled this situation. She didn't have to talk about her miscarriage; I'm sure it would have been much easier for her to dismiss the question with a casual "Oh, we'll see," or something to that effect.

But she chose to tell the truth, and for an incredibly admirable reason.


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After the miscarriage, Frankel said she "couldn't stop thinking" about the many women who suffer from infertility and how lucky she was, comparatively, to have her "beautiful, perfect" daughter. Fighting back tears, she explained how the experience gave her a tremendous amount of compassion for the many women who've faced similar challenges:

“Until you become a woman you don’t know the things that come with being a woman. And I’m 41, and I don’t know. It’s not really my choice. It’s not really my option. The window’s closing.”

I'm sure countless women in the audience appreciated Frankel's grace, candor and humility on the subject, and the sacrifice she made by sharing something so close to her heart.


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Were you impressed by Bethenny Frankel's personal revelation on the Today show?

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