Jason Bateman's New Baby's Name Is Yummy, Indeed

Celebrity baby names are easy to mock sometimes and Jason Bateman's baby daughter, born just February 10 is one that will certainly have people talking. He and wife Amanda Anka named their new daughter Maple Sylvie. Personally, I am in Camp Awesome for this name, but I am sure many won't agree.

Maple joins the Batemans older daughter Francesca who is now 5. I think the name Maple is adorable. And I also liked Gwyneth Paltrow's choice for her daughter (Apple). But these are not the only food-inspired names that are adorable for babies.

I have known girls named Candy and Cassis and boys named Basil and Colby and all names worked very well. Congratulations to Bateman and his family and here are 10 other food name ideas I think are lovely if you are feeling creative:



  • Baker: If he hangs out with the butcher and the candlestick maker he's in business! This name is totally adorable and a little different, but not so out there it is weird. 
  • Benedict: Eggs, anyone? This is adorable and feels like a solid name with a great nickname (Ben). 
  • Devon: Also a good one for a boy or a girl. It is a kind of cream, but it is also a sweet name that does not feel weird or crazy. 
  • Graham: This one is a cracker, but it is also a great, solid name for an adorable little man. 
  • Kale: This leafy goodness also makes a cute, relatively crunchy name for a little Earth boy.


  • Anise: This is a spice, but it is also a really pretty, solid name for a little girl. It is very different, too. 
  • Chai: I love this to the point where I might use it. So what is she is named after tea?
  • Clementine: This is a little orange, but it is also a really sweet name for a little girl. 
  • Madeleine: This is my daughter's middle name and is also a sponge-y cookie. We picked this because Madeline is a bit overplayed right now, but we liked the sound of it as a middle name. It gave it a little bit of a difference.
  • Olive: Slightly less popular than Olivia, but no less cute. It's a winner!

What food names do you like?


Image via csztova/Flickr  

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