'Glee' Star Jane Lynch Uses Her Snark for the Good of Our Kids

Jane LynchIt seems like every few years there's another epidemic sweeping into the lives of our kids and terrifying parents. A few years ago, we finally got hip to childhood obesity. This past year, it's been bullying. And no TV show has done more than Glee to put the torture kids across America encounter every day in school right in your face where you can't deny it.

The only problem? Bullies are getting their start much earlier these days. And Glee's message has largely been directed at the high school set. Until now. Thanks to Jane Lynch, aka snarky cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, little kids of America are about to get a dose of Glee-style anti-bullying education


Lynch is taking the biting insults that have won her a following on Glee to PBS Kids for Monday's special President's Day episode of kiddie hit WordGirl. Abandoning her tracksuit for a cape, she's taking on the role of Miss Power, an uber villain whose secret weapon is using mean words to hurt people. Sound like anyone we know and love, Gleeks?

I never thought my kid would have to deal with people like this ... at least not until high school. But for us the bullying started in preschool, and I was amazed at how quickly one kid with a big mouth could rally other kids to do her bidding. The problem isn't just one kid with a mean streak. It's how one mean kid can convince traditionally "good" kids to get on board.

And Jane Lynch is the perfect one to make that point to our kids.

Lynch may not be a cheerleading coach, but she wields some crazy powers of persuasion that she holds over her Cheerios on Glee. Only instead of Brittany and Santana being sent off to do her dirty deeds with threats that they'll be kicked off the squad if they don't comply, it will be heroine WordGirl who is convinced to try out being a bully for awhile to get what she wants. Of course all turns out right in the end (I won't completely spoil it -- this is one of the few kid shows I can watch right along with my daughter, so I can see other parents doing the same).

Will you be watching the Monday episode with your kids? What other Glee storylines have applied to the young ones?


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